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Van sloep naar superjacht
Ongekende prestaties en luxe op de schepen van Van der Heijden Yachts.   Vlak aan de Bergsche Maas in Waalwijk
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Yachting Festival Cannes September 12th-17th, 2017
Since 1977, the Cannes Yachting Festival takes place every September in elegant, luxurious surroundings in the sparkling bay of Cannes.
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Coming soon 2017
Coming soon Van der Heijden Yachts will soon launch a new yacht model. We hope that you’ll be as excited
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A Brand New Website
A BRAND NEW WEBSITE For enhanced interaction with our esteemed visitors With 2018 heralding the 25th Anniversary of Van der
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Class A classified yachts
Class A classified yachts Safety and comfort first   Van der Heijden Yachts is the starting point for design and
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Second Explorer launched!
Second Explorer launched!
Second Explorer launched! We are happy to announce the succesfull launch of the second Van der Heijden Yachts Explorer. The
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Delivery of Explorer 2400
Delivery of Explorer 2400 We are proud to announce you the launch and delivery of the Van der Heijden Yachts
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