from confection to custom perfection


An entirely new class of yacht

The Phantom is a wonder of luxurious space. Available in a range from 58 ft (17,82 metres) to 91 ft (28 metres) pilothouse or flybridge version.


Compact yacht, but astounding spacious

Sailing the waves like a rippling symphony. The Hayden has everything to make this happen. She is the newest addition to the VDH family and brings together the best of VDH and design studio Cor D. Rover.

Dynamique de Luxe

The Van Der Heijden Dynamic design is characterised by the styled superstructure

As a consequence the ship obtains favourable and sublime sailing qualities like stability and comfort at high speed as well as low speed.

Exclusive DeLuxe

Enjoy its elegance and relax

The Exclusive DeLuxe is the model which expresses the heritage of VDH at it’s best. She is given classical lines, but at the same time the Exclusive DeLuxe is very much in touch with yacht designing of the future. This perfect balance conveys an intense feeling of classical elegance when sailing your favourite waters.


Ensures comfortable, stabile and steady sailing

Follow your dream and VDH follows you. Or even surpasses you in offering a performance of your yacht beyond your dreams. The Superior reaches an astounding speed of 40 knots. But speed is not all it offers.


All the luxury on board you may expect

Sailing the oceans with complete peace of mind. At VDH we combine all our shipbuilding knowledge into creating the perfect oceangoing yacht for you. The Explorer makes you feel confident when crossing the Atlantic due to the superb sailing characteristics.
Let your ship not limit your dreams. With the Explorer all the adventures you dreamed about can become true. A sturdy hull of the highest grade steel takes you to the most beautiful spots, whether it is the Caribbean or Arctic. Does adventuring need to be primitive? Of course not! The Explorer has all the luxury on board you may expect from a VDH yacht. Start exploring now…


Unsurpassed luxury with an immaculate finish

The NEW “ULTIMATE ” MOTORYACHT series with immense stature, breathtaking in size and refinements offering all decks and wheelhouse with unsurpassed luxury with state-of-the-art communication & navigation systems, build to and with RINA certification.
The main deck contains the enormous, living and dining areas. Beautifully appointed and immaculately finished, the main saloon is laid out with entertaining and relaxing in mind providing comfortable settees and armchairs the separate galley has every latest and modern convenience you need and is finished to your exact specification.

Custom Yachts

Expressing your personality

VDH developed a programme for owners who want to express their personality and taste into their yachts. We accompany and assist them in creating their VDH to the smallest detail. This comprises the exterior design, motorisation and installation, but also use of either the latest or more traditional materials for the interior.