This is where your journey begins

The story of Van der Heijden Yachts starts in 1993 when Ronald Van der Heijden terminates his job as propulsion engineer at the Royal Dutch Navy to start his yard for luxury yachts. Since then this still privately owned yard created an impressing track record of building over 420 yachts for satisfied clients all over the world.

Distinctive of VDH Yachts is the synergy of practical experience and expert knowledge that results in an unparalleled performance. Added up with a leading state-of-art styling, VDH will deliver you a custom or semi-custom yacht that is truly different from anything else and which meets the highest of standards. VDH Yachts will make you the biggest promise and keeps it. This is how we stay one decisive step ahead.


Building up to 45 meter yachts means making great promises. From planning the handover to quality level, from performance to durability. Yacht building, especially custom yacht building, equals great challenges with regards to unforeseen challenges, changes of mind and even appearing opportunities. But that will not slow us down. In fact, it inspires us.
Every day, the VDH team gets up in the morning with one thing on their minds: keeping the promise we made.


VDH has always been ahead in yacht design. Not only what you see, but also below the water line. Creating not only new stunning lines, but also better, faster and more stable and efficient hulls.

We will always translate a customers’ demand into a concept that is truly balanced and differentiating. In this way a VDH yacht will stay being a most valuable asset over the decades to come. Both financially as emotionally.


We also keep our promises when it comes to performance. When we promise you a certain speed of the craft, we will deliver it. Guaranteed. But there is more to performance than just speed. Your VDH yacht will perform in comfort, efficiency, sailing, durability and luxury as we have agreed with you. You can raise the bar on any of these fields as high as you prefer, we will match it with performance.

As our motto is that promises are there to be kept…